Pumpkin Painting Guide

Hello Artists,

We thought that we’d like to give you a few words of advice and guidance before you start to paint your pumpkin, to be included in our exhibition on Kirkham high street over the October half-term school holidays.

Before you start to paint, the first thing that you need to do is close your eyes and give your pumpkin a big hug!

Can you feel all those wonderful pumpkin humps and bumps?

Is it smooth, silky, cold, warm, heavy or light? Can you add some more descriptive words to tell us about your pumpkin? Maybe you can find some creative words to describe the colour and smell?

Once you have made friends with your perfect pumpkin, we’d like you to think about a design that you can paint directly onto the beautiful orange-toned pumpkin surface.

It would be great if you could create an artwork that celebrates or tells a story from a part of Kirkham’s rich historical past.

The Romans, the Royal Air Force, a ghost story, the medieval street markets, or any one of the many other historical secrets that Kirkham has to tell!

Hints and tips –
Why not doodle a design on a piece of paper before starting to paint your pumpkin.
Use a marker pen or a ballpoint pen to layout your ideas ( press very lightly ).
It’s better to leave spaces in your design to allow the pumpkin skin to breathe and shine through.
We recommend that you use acrylic paints to protect your artwork from the weather.
There’s no need to hollow out your pumpkin, it will last much longer by simply painting it.

Have fun!