Postcards from the past

I am excited to announce that we will be running arts workshops with local schools. We will be working with pupils from St Michaels, Pear Tree and St Josephs primary school to create postcards exploring Kirkham’s heritage and sending messages for the future.

I will be creating a series of pre-recorder workshops and accompanying fact/work sheets for year 4 or year 5 students throughout Kirkham exploring what Kirkham would have been like for the Romans, Tudors and the Victorians. Each student will learn about Kirkham’s past and create their own ‘postcard from the past’. The postcards will be created using readily available materials such as black pens, paint, and white card. Each student would be set the task of imagining that they are a child living in Kirkham during their given era and creating a postcard from them to someone living in modern day Kirkham. On the front they will learn to paint a picture showing what they might have seen back then, and, on the back, they will write a short postcard message telling the people of modern-day Kirkham what life was like and what they hope to see in the future.

The works will be displayed during May in Morrisons. Keep an eye out for updates. We can’t wait to see what the children create.