Memory Poems

Calling all Kirkham residents.. We are looking for residents to create memory poems for the Kirkham Treasures project.

How to write your memory poem…..

1. Choose a memory of Kirkham that sticks in your mind, it could be a childhood memory, a day, a person, an event or even a place.
2. Try to expand on the memory. When and where was it?
3. Take yourself on a journey through the memory, walk the streets in your mind and write down what you can see, hear and smell.
4. Next focus on the specific memory, what was happening, who was there and how did you feel at the time?
5. Once you have a list of memories, select a couple of key details that stick out in your mind. How can you create a vivid picture for the reader?
6. Next choose a simple structure for your poem of four or five stanza’s.
7. You could begin each or every other stanza with the words I remember…
8. Don’t worry about rhyming, focus on breaking up the sentences in a way that works and captures the poems mood.
9. Each stanza can be as long or short as you want, the most important thing is to use plenty of descriptive and emotive words that really create a picture for the reader.
10. Have a go at writing your own memory poem and don’t forget to share your results in the Kirkham Precious Memories book.


Once you have finished your poem please send it in to us via the ‘get involved’ page.