Mapping Kirkham with Kirkham Grammar School Students

This week I have been working with A-level geography students at Kirkham Grammar School developing a new visual heritage map of Kirkham.

We began the week, exploring Kirkham’s history from Roman times through to modern day. Students discovered key facts from different eras within Kirkham’s timeline. We then looked at how to map out historical locations and conduct further research.


For the project I created a sketched map of Kirkham which was split into 12 sections. Each student was given their own section of the map to research independently.

Later in the week we explored different techniques they could use to document their findings on the map such as collage, line drawing, typography and fact bubbles.

The group will continue to explore Kirkham’s heritage throughout the week and produce their own sections of the map. Once they are finished we will bring all 12 parts together to form a visual map of Kirkham’s past.

Keep an eye out for further updates and images of the finished work.