Historic High Street Tales

The focal point of Kirkham is the crossroads where Poulton Street meets Preston Street, Freckleton Street and Church Street and where the old market took place after it was established during the thirteenth century.

Kirkham is full of quirky character, with buildings of all shapes and styles. Look around and you can see evidence of the sixties revolution in building materials, contrasting with the fine Victorian brickwork and Edwardian elegance, giving rise to speculation of the wealthy families who may have lived there. A row of weaver’s cottages stands fast, with steps well-worn with age, while the mills that once dominated the town, are now but ghosts of the past.

Silently the buildings stand, but what stories they could tell if only they could speak, people coming and going, businesses changing, the noise of the horse’s hooves on the once cobbled streets gone as the sound of the combustion engine roared into life, the dim gas lights that disappeared as electricity sparked our interest.

If only walls could speak, what stories would they tell of the people who lived there?

The Tales of Kirkham’s Historic High Street have been written and research by individuals local to the area, they bring the history of Kirkham’s hustling and bustling centre to life.

We hope you enjoy reading Tales of the Historic High Street, the authors are all local voices.

If you have enjoyed reading these stories and have a comment to make, we would love to hear from you please get in touch.

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If you would like to learn more about how to research a building’s past, check out the workshop delivered by historian Andrew Walmsley.

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