12 Days Of Kirkham - 9 Horses Racing

This artwork can be seen at Tile Gallery on Poulton Street.

A Racecourse In Kirkham?

Many of you may not know that Kirkham once had its very own racecourse, opened in 1934 by Mr. Edward Sergeant, who earlier had purchased Carr Hill House and the Manorial Rights of Kirkham.

Mr. Sergeant turned the house into a hotel and constructed Carr Hill Racecourse on its grounds, running parallel to the Kirkham Bypass, which was constructed in the same year. Despite some early opposition, the racecourse was a success until in 1938 land was acquired by Lancashire County Council for future road expansion which prevented further racing from taking place.

During WW2, the hotel was used as an officer’s mess and the land was requisitioned for use in growing food. Whilst the hotel did re-open without its racecourse, it only enjoyed limited success and after its closure in 1963, houses were built on the site.

“It’s fantastic to be part of The Twelve days of Kirkham. There’s a real buzz in the town and the window art is adding an extra sparkle.

I would like to thank Maxine for her brilliant artwork, such a talented and lovely lady”.

Sheran Dean – The Tile Gallery

Artist: Maxine Lee-Mackie

Maxine Lee-Mackie is a Northwest based illustrator and designer, freelancing since graduating with a BA(Hons) in Digital Arts in 2004 and working part-time as a college art technician and a visiting lecturer in Graphic Design, Multimedia and Art.

Her inspiration comes from many people, places and things but has deep roots in fashion, children’s books and pop culture.

Instagram: @maxineleemackie

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